10% off all proceeds between now and April 15th will go to this great cause, working to help those in need.

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To support The Salvation Army, a monetary donation ensures they can continue service delivery in our communities. Financial contributions allow them to quickly respond to changing needs, as well as support local economies through the purchase of goods. Every dollar gives hope to those living in poverty during this pandemic.

A statement from the Salvation Army.

"In the United States, one in six people live in poverty, and more than 550,000 are counted as homeless. These populations severely lack access to proper care, hygiene, updated information, and medical resources, which makes them more susceptible to the virus. This is where we come in. This is who we serve.

We are working with local, state, and federal government and health authorities, including participating in situation awareness calls with federal partners like FEMA, CDC, DHS, and HHS. We are developing new hygiene and cleaning protocols to help keep safe our residents and others who depend on The Salvation Army’s programs and services to survive. In addition, all staff, volunteers, and program participants have been sent hygiene and prevention information as recommended by the CDC.

Meanwhile, our local divisions will continue to work in close partnership with area government and health experts to prepare and respond to meet specific community needs of 23 million individuals we serve each year and the more than 63,000 employees of our organization. We will continue to update this page as developments warrant."