We both grew up with a love for hunting, fishing, and camping. There was something about being in the outdoors that we couldn't get enough of. Even as we started down different career paths, we always felt the outdoors calling us back.
Our idea for the Barrel Band, was what initially brought us together. At that time, both of us were extremely unsatisfied by the options available in the wedding band market.  And so, made it our mission to create something that actually represented who we were. The shotgun barrel was chosen as nod to our passion and love for everything outdoors. 

State Camo came about in a very similar way the Barrel Band did. Both of us saw the camo market becoming very mundane and repetitive. We wanted to create a camouflage pattern that was more than just "effective". We wanted to create a unique pattern that had meaning behind it. Every hunter has a special pride in where they are from and where they hunt. State Camo was created to combine this pride, with an effective and stylish camouflage pattern to hunt in.


We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to be hunting in a field, sitting in a duck blind, or out fishing on the water, that is why we made it our goal to create a product that would bring a little of that passion into our everyday lives.