Our lives as family men and business owners are full of incredible joys: our children, our wives, and our passions— nourishing those joys means our lives as outdoorsmen see fewer days. Though no matter how few, there’s still no day like a day of sitting in a duck blind, air-boating in the Everglades, or fly-fishing on the flats.

Life has its own plans; sometimes the call of the wild gets put on hold. Going to work, picking up the kids, and going out to dinner: all things you probably shouldn’t do in a full ghillie suit. We’ve tried, trust us. That's why our products are meant to bridge the gap between the wilderness and everywhere else, so you can be just as comfortable crouching in a duck blind as you are in your everyday life.

What we realized is that we owe the lives we cherish today to the days that we spent outdoors. The more connected we are with nature, the more connected we are with ourselves. That’s how we were raised; that’s why we started Everyday Outdoors.