The Barrel Band was created by two friends who have a deep passion for the outdoors. Both were extremely unsatisfied by the options available in the wedding band market. And so, made it their mission to create something that they loved and represented who they were. The shotgun barrel was chosen as nod to their passion and love for everything outdoors. The band was designed to be rugged enough to handle the outdoors, but with a little added style so that it could be worn every day. 


Our mission statement and driving force behind creating the Barrel Band, is Everyday Outdoors. We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to be hunting in a field, sitting in a duck blind, or out fishing on the water, that is why we made it our goal to create a product that would bring a little of that passion into our everyday lives.


 It took over 18 months and nearly two dozen prototypes to complete the design the Barrel Band. We tried different widths, thicknesses, finishes, and fits. It even took implementing a completely new procedure to size the bands and not compromise the integrity of the shotgun barrel. This procedure is something that has never been done before in the jewelry industry.    
Most jewelry today is made overseas in order to save money on production costs. We wanted to make it a point to keep everything here in the United States regardless of monetary loss. That is why we source all of our used shotgun barrels from companies here in the United states. We are based out of Lakeland, FL, where each band is handcrafted in our shop.