Gunmetal 5mm 14kt Rose Gold Barrel Band
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You love to be outdoors. It’s a passion that runs deep. Most of the day, however, you are in the office or at your job. The Gunmetal Barrel Band was created to bring that passion with you, into your everyday life.


  • The 5mm Rose Gold Gunmetal Barrel Band is cut directly from a steel shotgun barrel and features a 5mm in width.

  • The insert is made of solid 14kt Rose Gold & is available with either a Polished or Brushed finish on the insert.

  • Each band is handcrafted here in the United States.

  • 100% Rust & Corrosion Resistant

  • All engraving will be done on the inside of the Barrel Band in a “Block” style font with all capital letters.

  • Because each Barrel Band is made by hand, production time on each order is 7-10 Business Days. There is an option during the check out process to upgrade and expedite the order.


The Shotgun has a long history in the outdoor world, as being one of the most iconic guns on the market. It has an extremely wide range of uses for hunting different species. The reliability in different terrains and climates, is also second to none. All of these attributes lends it to be the ultimate outdoorsmen's and hunter's weapon of choice.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Johansen

Bought my now husband a barrel ring and he loves it! He got the rose gold since my ring is rose gold to match and its perfect! I also got it ingraved as a suprise! Rather by from a company like this then a big known jelwery store!

Great Birthday gift for the hubby!

I have been married a few years now to a big time hunter. When I came across this I went out on a limb and bought one for his birthday. I couldn't be more pleased how it came out and he was actually excited about it and have caught him multiple times telling his buddies about. Thanks Barrel Band! Couldn't be happier with my decision.

Thanks Janelle!